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Ivy’s gonna tell you something

There are a lot of negative things going all around us, and we get so worked up and tired of dealing with it. You sure do want a positive outcome, but somehow everything just seems to topple over. Everybody says, “you know, that’s how life is. We all have to go through major changes and learn how to deal with it “, but it may not be the same for everyone. You can’t expect a person to deal with what’s going on with them, in a way that you have done. Instead, we try to help them out. This is why I started writing and all the more reason for you to read my blog. You and I are in this together and maybe we could help each other out.

Did you get hurt?

When we were little , we got hurt many times and in many ways. We got hurt climbing a tree, sucker punching the guy who stole your pen in class, falling off a bicycle . But maybe what they say is right, ” you need to get hurt to learn something”. Now i’m talking about getting hurt physically. When we get older , there creeps in another kind of hurt. The kind that hurts your mind. We get to stand on the other side too. Is this side better? Well , that depends.

The weapon with which we get hurt the most is words. Words that roll off your tongue can pierce through the thickest of skins. Intentionally or unintentionally , we fall prey to others hurtful words, or we set a trap to hurt others. It’s only going to be fun if you’ve been on both sides.

“Getting hurt ” has no time , place , venue and also comes in uninvited. It comes built-in in every human. I guess its the association areas in our brains that controls it or amygdala with its emotion control . Well, i guess my biology just walked out the front door. Back to the point, Rage , most responses to the uninvited ” getting hurt” would be rage. Rage is the aftermath of a battle of words. But there is this one person who got hurt on all imaginable levels. Now you might ask who?

This person suffered through a lot of “getting hurt”. It came to him unannounced, uninvited and intentionally, It is the Lord Jesus Christ . He was hurt . He was mocked at, spat on , bruised , bound. At the time of crucifixion , His body had cuts and bruises all over , covered in red and pink. He was accused falsely and the verdict sent Him to the cross, where He was nailed . He had 12 disciples,but went to the cross to die alone as it was planned . The nails pierced through His flesh. How much pain He would have gone through. He died on the cross bearing all our sins , bearing shame , bearing all the hurt. But the important question here is , was He overcome by rage? No . He bore it with a full heart . No complaining , no regretting, instead pleading with His Father to forgive the villains behind His death . He knew it was His Father’s plan . It was important to get hurt for us who regarded Him as nothing. He was hurt and we hurt Him and we still keep doing it . With our foolish mistakes , we sin and keep hurting Him . Hasn’t He been through a lot ? . He cried , but had to give in.

Our suffering is nothing compared to what He went through on earth. And I guess , you’re on earth too right? Sure you do get hurt, but think of the pain He went through , for you . Ponder on the fact that, going through ‘being hurt’ is an opportunity to get closer to the one person who can relate to how you feel . Tell Him what’s going on. Think of why He got hurt and why you got hurt?Do the reasons match? So next time you are hurt by someone , look up !

Hold on to your end.

Trials and tribulations are inevitable in a Christian’s life , especially when you are trying to walk on the right path. But it is that quality of a Christian to say “It’s alright, My Lord is with me ” that sets them apart from the other Christians. That quality is something that should persist in your life. It’s not like one fine morning , you wake up and decide to be His child today, or keep putting it off till you turn 24. I mean , has it ever crossed your mind that He didn’t just wake up one day and decide to choose you and love you . He loved you from the very beginning , even before you were formed in your mother’s womb. It’s a love that you cannot put a price tag on.

What makes this love so different? Well, for starters, it is an everlasting love. A kind that no human can provide. His love turned into a sacrifice. He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for us as a sacrifice . Was is necessary to save us?We could have perished just like the others. Was it necessary to send His only Son?Is it because He didn’t love His Son? Oh no! He loved Him ,alright . But He also loved us equally. We are His children. Do you think He ‘ll let His children perish? It was God’s plan to send His Son to save wretched humans on planet earth. Why planet earth? Well I guess it was the only one with life on it before myths of existence on Mars came about. Besides we would have missed out on all the love and mercy,if He had send Jesus to Mars to love the martians.

Were we worthy of such love? . Not in the least , completely unworthy to be loved with a love that never fades with time. What did He see in us?, mansion? money? Well, no ,He saw you, your helplessness, your ignorance to your ruined life. How deep you had fallen into trouble. Sunk in ruin.

He was the only one who could tether us out. The unbreakable cord of love that He holds on to shows that He has never given up on us. So when you go through troubles , think of how He gave His life to save you. Picture Him holding one end of the love cord, and asking you to grab on. Think of how He ‘s not letting go of His end. Ponder on the ways He had bought you so far.Is it worth looking back on your life , just to see how miraculously He has bought you here? Absolutely YES!

The hand of GOD

The hand of God is always at work. You may not see it all the time , but I guess that’s how He works. We always keep looking for signs that tell us He’s working, some physical sign, some words out of a random mouth, some extraterrestrial assurance , satisfying this worldly flesh that the upper hand is with the Almighty. But then again , seeing is deceiving. For it is said, Blessed are those who believe without seeing. Loved and cherished are the ones that cling on to the unseen hope bestowed on His children.

We refuse to wait for God’ s hand to be at work. We are in a haste. A haste to move on with the the good things and drag ourselves through the tough times through whining and complaining . Only in dark times, do you hesitate to be in a haste. You want to go through the pain , the agony, the suffering to publicize that you are are facing a huge giant in life ,to grab the attention of people that otherwise ignore you, to let people know that you have what it takes to tackle the storm. All to and for others and nothing to yourself or God . Their sympathy is your fuel. It’s your weapon . It’s your excuse. Dependence on another who cannot control their next breath.

When JESUS went through pain , agony and suffering, He did not do it to gain this earthly sympathy. He did it because He knew the lowly state of ours and had compassion on us. He wanted to pull us out of our misery so that you didn’t have to drag the heavy cross to the mountain. He took all of your sins on His shoulders, took your cross off your shoulder , took your crown of thorns on His head, and bore it all on Himself and died on the Cross.

Even while He was on the blood stained cross, with every inch of Him thinking of you, with every drop of blood shed for you , the hand of God was working. When He cried MY GOD MY GOD, WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN ME? , His hand was at work. When He was suffering , His hand was at work. His hands are always at work. His hand is gonna be at work today , tomorrow, everyday and all the time. You have enough signs around you to tell that He is at work. It just takes the eyes of faith and an open heart to see it. Don’t insist on a sign , because this world knows how to dress up a disguise well. All that this world can give you is a feast to your eyes and belly .The hand of God is at work when you were created , a masterpiece. Unshaken , withstanding the giants and the storms. You are His work , created by Him , for Him.

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